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What are the benefits of a post-sports muscle rub?


The advantages of a muscle stretch after sports have long been understood, but the benefits of a post-fitness muscle rub are now entering the mainstream consciousness, too. In fact, a muscle rub, a sort of mini-massage, in conjunction with a naturally activated muscle rub product can do wonders not just for your body but also for your mind. 


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Why and how to do a sports muscle rub

The act of massage, which is essentially what a muscle rub is, improves blood flow and allows more blood and oxygen to reach the muscles. This helps them heal, stretch and release tension. A mix of gentle and hard pressure using circular movements is the basis of a good rub.

There are some tricks to make this easier. Invest in a handheld massager and target areas where tension is most likely, including the back, shoulders, upper arms, thighs, calves and feet. For feet that are feeling particularly tense, simply stand one foot on a tennis ball, supporting yourself by placing an arm or hand on the wall, and slowly roll the arch of the foot over the ball back and forth, increasing the pressure you place on the ball as you go. 


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For sports coaches, it may be worth supplying massaging tools to players. After all, keeping their bodies fit and healthy is as much a part of your job as finding a sponsor, washing kits and researching rugby training drills on sites such as

The importance of using a muscle rub product

Look out for high-quality products containing natural active ingredients and essential oils. This includes ginger, which can help warm up the muscles, along with peppermint oil, which helps reduce muscle inflammation. Meanwhile, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary all help reduce muscle aches and pains while clary sage and juniper help with muscle tension and muscle spasms. Any ingredients that help with relieving tension will also help relax the mind, which is especially helpful after a fraught match. An ointment can be used for a muscle rub and can also be added to bath water, where it will have the same effect.

A post-sports muscle rub with an ointment offers a wide range of benefits and should be done in addition to, rather than instead of, a standard post-fitness stretching session.