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How to Relieve Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident

Six million incidences of car accidents were recorded to happen in this country each year. An estimate of three million individuals have experienced an injury due to these car accidents.

It is expected for people to have a shoulder pain after a recent car accident. It pays to understand the pain first before getting any form of treatment. You would not get the relief you want if you fail to evaluate the pain first.

Continue reading to learn more about shoulder pain caused by car accident. The steps for relieving a shoulder pain are given.

Car Accident Induced Shoulder Pain Reasons

Sprains and strain are some injuries that can explain why there is a pain your shoulder. Your shoulder is composed of the following bones, collarbone, shoulder blade, and upper arm bone. These three bones are connected by the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

These facts make the shoulder particularly mobile in comparison to other parts. However, its mobility is what makes it prone to injury.

A car accident induced pain in the shoulder must be given immediate attention. A pain in the shoulder should prompt you of possible problems. The shoulder pain can be addressed by a doctor.

It will never heal immediately if you self-medicate. You can heal faster by accepting that there is an issue on your injured shoulder.

Car Accident Injuries that are Common

The usual car accident injuries include soft tissue injuries, torn rotator cuffs, and whiplash.

A whiplash can be attributed to the back and neck pains. The pain due to whiplash can also be felt by your arms and shoulders. Muscle stiffness can be attributed to a whiplash too, which is why you have limited mobility.

The expected recovery time for a whiplash is three months.

A torn rotator cuff happens when there is a tear in the shoulder muscles. A high impact accident causes this kind of injury.The torn rotator cuff is sustained from a high impact accident.

Soft tissues simply refer to body parts that are not made up of bones. Soft tissue injuries can affect the ligament, tendon, and muscle. If you were involved in a car accident, where you were shaken while still inside it might lead to a soft tissue injury.

You can also sustain some fractured bones, sprains, strains, and bruises from a car accident. Check the injuries caused by the car accident after you have recovered your bearings. After that, report to the doctor what injuries those are for further examination.

Frozen Shoulder Facts

You can abuse your shoulder’s usage without you knowing it. Shoulder pain can go to worst if you do not do anything about it even when it is starting to show.

If you do not move your shoulders often the result can be some stiffening in its joints.

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